Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Longest EP

That's right ladies and gentlemen! NOFX has returned with another compilation track consisting of 30 tracks from their previous EPs, and other hard to find stuff. This album contains songs from many of the EPs across their 25+ year career. Personally, I prefer their B-sides and EPs  over most of their actual album work, so I personally love this album, but that's just me. 

Now, keep in mind that since this album spans their entire career, there is some pretty bad stuff on it. But if you're a fan of Nofx and haven't heard some of their unreleased stuff, check this album out!
If you've heard most of their EPs then I wouldn't suggest it as there isn't too much you can't get else where.

You're on the internet. 
Just download it, man.

Same ol' Nofx


  1. Showing my support! I really need yours!

  2. love their songs. so fun and upbeat. keepin' it real, follow back.