Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weezer - Indie Again?

Mmmm, not quite. But in my opinion it's their best album in a while. The Red Album was a let down and the world was hoping that their next release "Raditude"  would redeem them. After hearing their collaboration with Lil' Wayne any hope for "Raditude" went down the drain. Seriously, who's idea was that? Damn.

Hurley is not the "indie rock redemption" for Weezer you may hear about but it is definitely a strictly rock album. Cuomo's voice is strong as ever and the songs get my feet tapping for sure.

In short, if you take Hurley as a rock album, and not so much a return to their indie roots its pretty damn good.  (Plus, bonus points for working with punk producing god Brett Gurewitz!)